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please help spread the word.

Hello tumblr! My best friend in the entire world, Kaden, needs your help. He is trans* (ftm) & doesn’t believe that top surgery will ever be a reality for him. As some of you may know, Kaden has been trying to get top surgery for quite some time now & contemplating taking out student loans (which means prison time) just to get this surgery done. His mother abandoned him after she lowered his coverage to where he has basic health care but could no longer receive the surgery for free. On top of that, other than me, the rest of his friends have left his life due to his transition & since I live in another state, I am unable to comfort him & help him in the ways that he truly needs. A whopping 41% of trans* folks attempt suicide & I’m worried sick that he’ll add to that percentage. His dysphoria, negativity, and hopelessness is at an all time high & as time goes on he becomes more reclusive, isolated & depressed..I want to do everything I can to prevent and/or limit the amount of pain he has to deal with on a daily basis. Top surgery would undoubtably eliminate a large portion of it. 

(His gf recorded this video of Kaden to show people the breakdowns she’s witnessed)

I want Kaden to be able to believe that top surgery is entirely possible for him and unquestionably going to happen in the near future. I can’t do that alone, so I’m reaching out to all of you. I honestly can’t imagine anything better than knowing that we all helped to make it possible for him to live happily, authentically and without fear or insecurity of his identity, by contributing to the single most liberating and defining moment in his life. I know top surgery will change his life forever and I know that it is something that will give him back that contagious spark and thirst for life that he used to have and remind him that he once thought the world was beautiful and it still is. 

No amount is too little so please do not feel embarrassed if you can only donate a dollar or two, he & I are still just as humbled by your generosity.


& if you’d guys like to send him an uplifiting message (I think he’d really like that) his tumblr can be found here astateoftrans

For those of you who have already donated, I am forever indebted to all of you.

Thank you guys, so so much. 

I don’t ever donate as much as I always want to. I’ve gone through hell and back this past year and I relived it again this past week. I donated and I feel amazing. I have friends who are FTM, but had the support of their family. I could only imagine how Kaden feels having not much support at all. So today my good deed is to you sir, cheers!